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Kitten found safe after 91-mile ride under hood of car

The kitten now named 'Duck' has a new home and is in good health

HIGHLAND, Ill. — Jennifer Donini was about 10 miles from her home in Highland when she first heard a loud ‘meowing’ sound.

She was coming home from a weekend trip in Carbondale. Donini said she was on the phone with her mom through the Bluetooth feature in her car and her mom could also hear the sound.

She said she pulled over to check out what the noise was and realized there was a kitten hiding somewhere under the hood.

"I couldn't believe it. I didn't know what in the world to do. I was by myself on speaker phone with my mom trying to find where this kitten was. Everything under the hood of the car was hot. I couldn't imagine how the cat had managed to get in there and stay there throughout the whole trip home. At this point it had been 1.5 hours of travel," Donini said.

Donini said she continued to drive and when she got home, her family spent more than an hour searching for the kitten.

Donini and her family found him, freed him and found him a forever home. The kitten, now named ‘Duck’ is about 7 weeks old and is in good health.

She said she used the power of social media to find a new family for the little guy. Her coworker’s sister-in-law had been looking for a kitten to adopt.

“He is certainly a very lucky duck!” Donini said.


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