WENTZVILLE, Mo. — Stacey Rosemann has a calling.

"I've always wanted to help people. And I always didn't know how," Stacey said.

She found her how by becoming a special education teacher at Heritage Primary in Wentzville.

"Special education to me is so important with the fact that you can help students and watch them grow, especially struggling students."

It can be a challenging job.

"Meeting all of the kids' needs, not just their academic needs but their emotional needs."

Stacey is extremely connected to these kids on more than just the teaching level. She noticed that sometimes there are challenges outside of the classroom.

So, Stacey helped start Helping Hands.

"We saw a high number of kids that were hungry or didn't have clothes or what not, and we wanted to help our community."

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She believes the small things can make a big difference for a student and their family.

"That's our goal to make it easier on families."

But just helping at school isn’t always enough.

"I literally brought home a child."

But she didn’t just bring a student home, she opened the door to her heart and legally adopted him into her family.

"It was a connection. It was meant to be," she said.


She has earned the nickname "Sensational" by going above and beyond to answer her calling.

"This is definitely the right choice for me."

And her reward is in simply seeing a child’s face light up.

"My goal is to always make a kid smile and feel good. When you can see that and you can get into that inner child, it's the most rewarding thing."