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Hazelwood cannabis dispensary targeted in break-in

It's the latest in a string of break-ins at dispensaries across the St. Louis area.

HAZELWOOD, Mo. — A cannabis dispensary in Hazelwood is the latest target in a string of break-ins at dispensaries across the St. Louis area.

The Hazelwood Police Department said in a press release that officers responded at 3:10 a.m. Wednesday to a report of a burglary at Terrabis Medical Cannabis Dispensary, located at 7766 N Lindbergh Blvd.

The suspect or suspects broke the front window to gain entry to the building and ran away before officers arrived at the scene. It did not appear that anything was missing from the business, the police department said.

Police did not provide any further information on the suspect.

The store said in a post on Facebook that it would be temporarily closed Wednesday, and that it would provide an update once it was reopened. Its Creve Coeur and O'Fallon, Missouri, locations remain open.

An investigation is underway. Anyone with information regarding the incident is asked to call the Hazelwood Police Department by calling 314-838-5000 and pressing 1.

The trend

Similar break-ins have been reported at area dispensaries in recent weeks. On Monday, three break-ins were reported at dispensaries in a 30-minute period.

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Festus Police Chief Tim Lewis said nothing was taken from Star Buds in Monday's spree. 

Chief Lewis says these suspects are looking for cash and drugs and they believe it's in there. 

He said these types of crimes can either be a hit or miss and it all depends on the security measures.

Just six minutes away from Terrabis is Feel State Dispensary in Florissant. 

General Manager Nick Wegman said each dispensary has to go through a rigorous process to meet the regulations set by the state. 

"There's a great deal that goes into being compliant meeting the requirements that the state provides for safety," he said. 

They haven't been targeted and Wegman didn't want to dive into the intense security they have behind closed doors, but he trusts their thorough safety measures inside and out.

Cement barriers protect the entrance along with surveillance cameras throughout the building.

The additional patrolling by Florissant Police is helpful too.

Wegman said he believes the crimes aren't worth it.

"From my understanding, there's not much to get when you get in here. To me the juice isn't worth the squeeze," Wegman notes. 

However, the damage left behind can be impactful.

"Those who do not have access to this would hurt, hurt a lot of people," Wegman said. "These are not drugs to some people, it's true medicine."

Dispensaries have been targeted in St. Louis, Sunset Hills, Berkeley, Manchester, Richmond Heights, St. Charles, Lemay, Concord Village in south St. Louis County, Valley Park and Festus.

The damages range from cars ramming into the front of buildings to launching bricks through doors and windows.

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