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Dear Blues: Thank you, you did it for all of us

From Bob Plager, to Laila Anderson to all the ones we've lost over the years. Thank you, Blues. You did it for all of us.
Credit: KSDK

BOSTON — The St. Louis Blues are Stanley Cup champions.

For the first time in the 52 year history of this exciting, heartbreaking, glorious franchise, you can go ahead and use that sentence.

This team captivated an entire region, and made the last 52 long years of waiting worth it.

Dear Blues, thank you. You did it for all of us.

You did it for Bob Plager

The original Blue was one of the happiest people on the ice following Game 7. Plager has been there through it all, never knowing if he'd get a moment like what happened on Wednesday night. This team gave him that moment. And it was glorious.

Bob Plager talks after Blues win Stanley Cup

You did it for Laila Anderson

The heart and soul of this remarkable run. Laila captured hearts around the world, and for good reason. She gave this team another point to rally around and truly inspired the Blues and their fans.

"I'll be with those boys on the parade." Yes you will, Laila. Yes you will.

Laila Anderson talks after Blues win Stanley Cup

You did it for all the ones we've lost

You did it for Barclay Plager. You did it for Dan Kelly, Mike Shannahan and Jack Quinn. You did it for Ari Dougan. You did it for Ron Caron, Bob Gassoff and Pavol Demitra. They didn't get to see this in person, but you better believe they know it happened. The people that have touched this franchise over the years wanted nothing more than to finally see the Stanley Cup raised high above a Blue note sweater. Now it's finally happened. And it's just as special for them as it is for all of us.

You did it for Charles Glenn

No, you weren't quite able to get it done after Glenn's last performance, but you made sure he went out on top anyways. There's not a classier man in town, and the Blues gave him the best retirement present anyone could ask for.

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You did it for all the guys who bled for this organization

Looking around on the ice after the celebration and seeing Keith Tkachuk, Chris Pronger, Brett Hull, Bernie Federko and Barret Jackman makes you pause. These men, and so many more gave, their all in trying to bring a Stanley Cup to St. Louis, and none of them were able to get it done. Until now. No, they didn't play, but every Blues alumni member is as much a part of this moment as any player on that team. They've always wanted the same thing. There's a reason guys stick around St. Louis after their playing days are through. This organization is a family. You lose as a family, and you win Stanley Cups as a family, too.

You did it for Tom Stillman

This is what an owner looks like. This is what can happen when dedicated owners who care put their heart into their investment and actually give a darn about the people around them. Tom Stillman deserves every moment of this, and will share it with the city and fans he loves so much.

You did it for yourselves

Congrats, Blues. You're now immortal in St. Louis. You literally will never have to pick up a drink or meal tab again in this town for as long as you live.

You brought this city something it had craved for more than a half century, and managed to galvanize the entire region in the process. You're legends.

You'll always be the first team to bring the Cup to St. Louis, and no matter how long this franchise survives, people will always come back to this team and this moment.

You did it for the fans

How many grown men cried on Wednesday night? How many kids jumped into their parents' arms with pure joy? How many friends shared a drink (or a few drinks) toasting their conquering champions?

For 52 years this fan base has continued coming back for more and more heartbreak. Now, it's all worth it. The Blues are the Stanley Cup champions, and the fans might make this party last another 52 years.

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I've never seen anything like what happened this season for the Blues. I think we'll all look back on it as the greatest St. Louis sports story of our lifetime.

It's cliche, but you literally couldn't write a movie script better. It wouldn't be believable.

Hey buddy, you all made history.

Thank you.

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