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Dierbergs workers 'keep on keeping on' amid COVID-19 outbreak

"These are unchartered waters for us. We're doing our jobs, we're making sure customers are safe and we're trying to do the best of our ability," said one worker.

ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. — It was another day on the job at Dierbergs in Des Peres for Lauren Hyde and her co-worker, Debbie Isringhaus.

"We're doing out best to get everyone through as fast as they can," said Isringhaus.

Once again inside the west St. Louis County supermarket, cashiers, stockers, all 150 employees were on the go Wednesday afternoon.

Outside, the parking lot was packed with customers heading to the store to buy all kinds of products and supplies they need in the midst of the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak.

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"People are coming in just taking any and every bread. We've really stepped up the game. We have a local bakery that has helped produce more bread for us, so we're getting more local brands out there, anything to help. It's getting better, " said Lauren Hyde, the store's bakery sales manager.

"This really is unchartered waters. I mean nobody has ever had to do anything like this before," said Debbie Isringhaus, the store's lead deli manager.

Isringhaus and her team usually wear plastic gloves, but these days, they're taking extra precautions as they cope with more health-conscious crowds.

"We are wearing single-use gloves on top of our plastic gloves. We wear plastic aprons. We have plastic sleeves, too. We try to make sure the customer is safe," said Isringhaus.

And putting customers first is paying off.

As a way to say thanks, Dierberbergs will soon give bonuses to its employees, who have kept the store clean, sanitized, worked tirelessly and directly with customers during the pandemic.

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Workers hired on or before March 1 are eligible.

Assistant Store Manager Tim Duke is proud of his team.

"Everybody's looking forward to the bonuses and everybody's being positive. A little extra get me up and everybody feels great being rewarded," added Duke.

And they are being rewarded because of the hard work they are putting in for the customers. And now, more than ever, their customers are their priorities.

"It is what it is and all we can do is keep keeping on," said Tim Duke.

"We're not heroes, we are just doing our jobs and I feel like we're doing the best of our abilities. Most of the customers have been very nice and a lot of them say 'thank you for being here.' We really appreciate it and that means a lot," said Debbie Isringhaus.

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