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Hillsboro community stocking 'big barn' with supplies for neighbors impacted by COVID-19

"People are chiming in. Some want to deliver, some want to cook if necessary. They're all donating. It's just amazing," said Kami Kimes

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Mo. — In Hillsboro, hundreds of kindhearted volunteers are using an old barn off Highway 21 and Bridal Ridge Lane to reach so many people affected by the coronavirus.

"When the virus outbreak started, lots of people didn't have toilet paper or different supplies and many are still struggling," said Kami Kimes.

Kimes was so concerned about her neighbors stuck in their homes that she immediately got on Facebook.

"I started the page called Friends Helping Friends In Hillsboro. It started out with just a few people here and there and we were inviting people and it just blew up to over a thousand," said Kimes.

Kimes' online operation exploded.

In one week, scores of people have donated countless canned goods, lots of Lysol, a whole lot of wipes and more to at least 200 people in need.

"It just turned into something so amazing that so many people wanted to help those less fortunate and especially the elderly people who can't get out right now," Kami added.

So many supplies poured in, and that's why the school district's big, white barn has temporarily been transformed into the "Hillsboro Community Supply Depot."

"It really is heartwarming. It makes me tear up. I already knew our community was amazing," said Kimes.

"Amazing" acts of generosity that start with people dropping off the donations to the Hillsboro Fire Protection District.

"We're not coming in contact with the people, so they can just drop it off at the front door. My firefighters and I will come out to their cars, pick it up and of course, we're maintaining our social distancing. Everything that's dropped off will be cleaned and sanitized before we take it over to the barn," said Chief Brian Gaudet with the Hillsboro Fire Protection District.

Firefighters, city officials and everyday people are all focusing on their community, not coronavirus.

"We are willing to help anybody that need it," said Fire Chief Brian Gaudet.

"It's just great. We will keep doing this until everyone is helped, and so many of these folks lost their jobs, so they will need help for a long time. Anything we have left we'll donate to the food pantry," said Kimes.

If you want to help, you can find Friends Helping Friends In Hillsboro on Facebook.

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