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Elsberry School District proposes 4-day school week

The superintendent believes a shorter school week could help retain qualified teachers.
Credit: sandsun
School bus close up at sunset

ELSBERRY, Mo. — The Elsberry school district is looking to move towards a 4-day school week.

On Monday night, school administrators and parents gathered to discuss future changes to the district’s weekly school schedule.

Superintendent Tim Reller said 61 other districts are using the 4-day method and have found a lot of success with the system including the ability to retain qualified teachers.

“We have a lot of staff that live in St. Charles County and come here to work. They really like it here, but when they can get a job doing the same thing and make 10-15 thousand dollars more there, this may be a way to keep them here longer,” said Reller.

Reller said the change would also save some money on operating and overhead costs.

The district plans to survey parents before any decision is made early next year.


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