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Brentwood's Deer Creek and Black Creek overwhelmed by Thursday flash flooding

Flash flood waters pushed into nearby businesses and left people stranded.

BRENTWOOD, Mo. — Flash flooding overwhelmed Black Creek and Deer Creek in Brentwood for the second time this week.

The mayor of Brentwood, David Dimmitt, said the area near Hanley Industrial Court can be quickly overwhelmed by flash flooding.

Brandon Butler was at a CrossFit gym on Hanley Industrial when the water came rushing in.

“This whole thing was like a river honestly, like you could swim through it,” Butler said.

Butler said he was only at CrossFit St. Louis for a few minutes before the flooding happened.

“I went in the gym and the floor was flooding from the bottom so the water was just like spewing out everywhere. It was covering the floor,” Butler said.

That’s when Butler said he went out to check on his car only to find several feet of water surrounding it and he was locked out of the gym.

“So I just sat in it and just prayed that the water wouldn’t get high enough and it got all the way up to the door handle. It was filling up like a fish bowl. So I climbed out of the window and I was submerged in water and I just treaded through and got to higher ground and just got rained on for like an hour and a half,” Butler said.

Dimmitt said flooding this week overwhelmed Black Creek and Deer Creek shutting down several roads including Strassner Drive.

“We had one car that drove through, stalled and once the water receded couldn’t start the car back up. So then it caused all this backup, everybody had to be diverted north of Strassner. Strassner is a major cut-through between Hanley and Brentwood because Manchester Road is shut down because of the bridge that the State of Missouri is taking out,” Dimmitt said.

Dimmitt said the Brentwood Fire Department Water Rescue Team deployed several times Thursday in the area to save people stranded.

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