ST. LOUIS COUNTY — A pregnant woman is now recovering in the hospital after being rescued from a 4-vehicle crash involving an 18-wheeler.

The accident happened around 6:30 a.m. Tuesday on I-270 Westbound near Elizabeth.

Ferguson Firefighters were the first on the scene.

"On my arrival, we had a semi with approximately 4 or 5 vehicles involved and the vehicle that had the lady that was trapped was actually on top of another car," said Ferguson Fire Chief John Hampton.

Hampton says as soon as his crew got there, they checked out the damage closely before going in to save her life.

"The roadblock we had today was obviously her being pregnant, and the car being off the ground on top of another car you don't really see that that often," said Hampton.

In the video. you can see the woman, who, yes, is 32-weeks pregnant, poking at the white sheet meant to block debris, trying to get it off her.

When she does, it's only a matter of seconds before she climbs out of the front windshield onto the hood before hopping onto a gurney.

"With accidents this bad it's very rare that we would have a patient walk out themselves," said Ferguson Firefighter Nick Lodes.

Firefighters say the mother to be was having contractions when she was taken to the hospital, but she had no major injuries.

"It feels really good that we get to use the tools and skills that were trained to use, " said Lodes.

No other serious injuries were reported.