WENTZVILLE, Mo. – Kansas City has the great reputation for barbecue and rightfully so. 

However, we are coming on strong in St. Louis. You know about some the real popular places - Pappy’s, Sugar Fire and Salt and Smoke. We are loaded with some good ones. I want to tell you about another. It’s called Duke’s Barbecue Shack. It’s in Wentzville. It’s worth the drive.

49 year old Peter Venezia went to Westminster Christian Academy. He had no ties to Wentzville. But he chose that area because they were lacking barbecue. Peter had a wedding catering company. He bought a smoke and realized he and chef Eric Pierre could make great barbecue. They cook some of their meats as long as 12 hours. The brisket is insane. They can compete with the heavyweights.

I love the names on their sandwiches: The Dirty Mustache, The Dirty Bird, and the Big Doobler. They make what they call Alabama White: which is an awesome horseradish. I loved the sweet and smoky sauce.

However, if you have one thing- it’s the Burnt End Rangoon. Imagine Crab Rangoon meets Barbecue in one little Wonton.

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