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Frustrated St. Louis County gym owners want answers and details about reopening

"The county has to help us figure out a solution here," Theodoropoulos said. "We’ve lost a ton of members, not temporarily, but permanently."

ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. — Doors remain closed for gyms and fitness centers in St. Louis County.

But County Executive Dr. Sam Page says there's a target date of June 15 for a possible reopening, as they finalize guidelines. 

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"Gyms remain a high risk concern because of the inability to wear masks due to limits on breathing. Breathing when working out is high risk of transmission of droplets and the spread of coronavirus," Dr. Page said in a news conference on Friday.

He continues to say, "While June 15th is a target, we will continue to watch trends of testing and hospital admissions, as we consider more openings in St. Louis County."

John Farkas, owner of Blue Ocean Fitness in Chesterfield, told 5 On Your Side, "A target date and a date aren't the same thing. We have been trying to work with the county in order to develop standards with them."

Farkas has created a petition for gyms to reopen. Over 6,500 signatures support the cause. Farkas also joined 30 other boutique fitness owners to collaborate with Page. This past week, Page met with those gym owners to work out a solution. But Farkas says, they're disappointed that a date has not officially been set in stone.    

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"We have really been trying to work with the county," Farkas said.

He explains that knowing a date could help them plan ahead. 

"Right now, you can’t just order certain supplies and get them three days later," he said.

Burn Boot Camp owner Ted Theodoropoulos also wants more guidance from the county, such as possible ways to have workout classes outside.

"The county has to help us figure out a solution here," Theodoropoulos said. "We’ve lost a ton of members, not temporarily, but permanently."

He said, after talking to other gym owners, they're ready to take action.

"We're looking at legal options. One option that's going around in the community, a class action and to sue the county for damages. To compensate gym owners the additional time that we’ve been closed," Theodoropoulos said.

A county spokesperson says there is a small business relief fund. 

To apply and learn more, head over to this link.