CASEY, Ill. — If you would like to see 14 of the largest items that have held a spot in the book of Guinness of World Records, you have to visit Casey.

Business owner and resident Jim Bolin built the world’s largest wind chime back in 2012.

“Yea, it brought traffic to the town,” he said.

That initial idea started to multiply.

They also built the world’s largest: rocking chair, mail box, pitch fork, teeter totter, barber shop pole, truck key, Twizzle spoon, golf club and the list goes on.

“We have built 14 Guinness World Records,” Bolin said.

Not all large items in the town are world records.

“I think there is 15 attractions around town that are just big things,” Bolin said.

Jim and his employee’s thought of the ideas and built all the items. The items are all made out of recycled material.

There are now new businesses opening and the town is thriving again with 1,000 to 2,000 people in the city on any given weekend.

“We’re going to announce this is the selfie capital of the world,” Bolin laughed.