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ST. LOUIS — A high school senior's family said he was beaten up so badly, he had to have jaw surgery.

His parents said a specific group of students targeted their son and assaulted him at Lutheran North High School.

Janine Bogay sent her grandchild to the private school so she could prevent him from being bullied, but instead she said the exact opposite happened.

"I was devastated, honestly I was so afraid," Boygay said.

She said she received a disturbing call on Thursday from a concerned parent telling her that her grandson Keith had been badly hurt.

"Telling me to get to the school that my son was being jumped and he was covered with blood," Bogay said.

And now, his jaw is broken. The incident happened just before school started that morning, her grandson said he was lured into a locker room when a group of students locked him in and began assaulting him.

"His jaw was broke in two places, he’s going to have to have three plates in his face, two permanent titanium plates in his face," Bogay said.

And Bogay said its caused turmoil throughout their family.

"This incident has my family broken up Keith is a senior there at the school now and its devastating. And it seems that nothing is being done, no arrest was made, and someone has to pay for all this surgery that my grandson has, he has a life-long injury," Bogay said.

And on top of that she said Keith was expelled but she believes the students who assaulted her grandson were not punished because they're athletes.

We spoke with the school principal who said they are aware of the incident and they did take action.

However, he couldn't confirm if any of the other boys involved has been punished.

“His mouth is going to be wired up for two weeks he can’t eat, he can only drink through a straw for two weeks, and after the two weeks he will be able to eat only soft food," Bogay said.

Now Bogay said she wants justice to be served for the pain this has caused their family.

"I'm going to keep fighting that every party that was involved in hurting my grandson is punished,"Bogay said.