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Janae Edmondson now knows she no longer has her legs

The 17-year-old's parents returned to court Monday to beg a judge not to set a bond for the man accused of striking her with his car.

ST. LOUIS — Since Janae Edmondson's parents told her she no longer has her legs, the 17-year-old standout volleyball and basketball star has asked them if they will still love her. 

Her mother told her: "Of course I will. I told her, 'If I cut all my hair off, would you still love me? This is no different.'"

She tearfully recalled the moment before 22nd Judicial Circuit Judge Rochelle Woodiest, who was considering a motion from Daniel Riley to set a bond for him as he awaits trial. 

Woodiest ordered Riley remain held without bond for armed criminal action, assault and driving without a license, saying his history of violating bond for a robbery case led her to believe he would do the same in this case.   

Seven days ago, the Edmondson's parents also appeared in court asking a different judge to keep Riley behind bars and reject his motion seeking bond.

Since that happened, the couple told the court they had to tell their daughter she no longer had her legs; she's had five surgeries with more planned; and a steel rod is holding her pelvis together.

Her father told the court his daughter is taking the news about her severed legs "in stride." 

"She looked at me, and cried and said, 'I love you dad,'" he recalled.

She told her father she remembers everything about the crash and getting hit. 

Her mother told the judge her daughter moans in pain during the night, and has asked her who did this to her and why. She also asked her mother if he was in jail so he can't hurt anyone else. 

On Monday, she got to tell her daughter he is for now. 

Edmonson was supposed to play college volleyball for UT Southern. Her future coach said they are still going to honor her scholarship and she will still be part of the team.

"This is an honor that she earned. It wasn't that we just gave it out to her to give it to her. She earned it, and she worked for it. So to take something else away from her that doesn't deserve to be taken away from her just didn't seem right in our eyes," UT Southern Volleyball Coach Tristyn Lozano said.

314 Volleyball club also played a 'purple practice' for Edmonson and her family Monday night.

"We just really love the sport of volleyball and we feel like she really did too. We hope that the support will help her recover to her daily life with passion and happiness," 314 Volleyball Club player Katey Watson said.

The director of 314 Volleyball Club said her strength is inspiring.

"We’re just trying to continue to play the sport that she loved and to continue to provide support in any way possible," 314 Volleyball Club Director Stephen Stremlau said. 

Riley's court date on Janae Edmondson's case is set for April 3.

He has a hearing for a robbery case scheduled for March 9. 

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