HAZELWOOD, Mo. — When the old St. Louis Mills Mall opened up 16 years ago, it was lauded as the future of shopping. 

Now that's all in the past.

"It used to be full of people, the kids used to run around playing at the different stations," said Lisa Lee, a proud hockey mom.

Now? Well the lights are on but hardly anyone is at home. The once bustling mall now only has about 10% of stores that are still open.

The outside of the mall is surrounded by weeds the height of little leaguers. But if a local developer gets his way, they'd be replaced by the real deal.

The project is called "The PowerPlex" and will feature just about every sport you can think of - baseball, soccer, football, gymnastics, volleyball and much to the satisfaction of this hockey mom - more ice space.

"Ice is something that there’s not a lot of around here and we come over from Collinsville," said Lee.

The complex will also feature a movie theater, ninja course, climbing walls, go-karts, bowling and laser tag, just to name a few.

The move is already approved by Hazelwood City Council and the sale will reportedly close soon.

However, progress will push out a few remaining stores.

Cabela's is the only company officially confirmed to stay on with the new owners, Big Sports Properties.

Back in May,  Hope Church filed a lawsuit after they received an eviction notice. 

Their Pastor Greg Bruce tells 5 On Your Side that they've now been told they can stay through the official sale to the new owner, Big Sports Properties.

Because Big Sports doesn't technically own the property yet, they declined our request for an interview but told us over the phone, "A church is a great fit for a sports campus. Big Sports Properties looks forward to having conversations once we’re in control of the property.”

In addition to playing space, there will also be at least two hotels, restaurants, sports retail and more the company says they can't reveal just yet.

"I think this is a great area, there’s really nothing out here anymore," Lee said.

For Lisa, she hopes the project will restore this place to it's former glory and can't think of a better set of values that may come with it.

"Really is great for the kids to see that family togetherness and hanging out with other families," Lee said.

Big Sports Properties plans on making a major announcement on July 9 to announce what else will be a part of the project.

They tell 5 On Your Side 75% of the new venue has already been claimed.

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