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Making a Difference: Solomon Alexander’s Musial Moments inspire good sportsmanship

In a world where victories are often celebrated with fervor, while defeats can leave lasting scars, heroes can emerge at unexpected moments.

ST. LOUIS — In a world where the most important lessons often transcend the pages of textbooks, Solomon Alexander took the stage as the guest speaker at Lafayette Prep Academy, delivering a powerful message that resonated with students and teachers alike. 

The focal point of his address was the Musial Moments program, a 45-minute assembly dedicated to the principles of good sportsmanship, anchored by the example set by St. Louis Cardinals Hall of Famer, Stan Musial.

"To use the life example of Stan Musial to be better classmates, teammates, better citizens, better people in their communities," explained Solomon Alexander, the driving force behind the Musial Moments curriculum. 

This educational initiative is an offshoot of the nationally televised Musial Awards, a celebrated event held every November, which highlights the greatest moments of sportsmanship witnessed across the nation and sometimes even around the globe. St. Louis Sports Commission President, Marc Schreiber, elaborated, stating, "It's about celebrating the greatest moments of sportsmanship and honoring those who embody class and character in sports."

For Solomon Alexander, the mission of Musial Moments goes beyond a one-time event. Since its inception in 2005, it has become an annual tradition in St. Louis, and there is no one more qualified than Alexander to carry on its important message throughout the year. 

Born and raised in St. Louis, Alexander faced numerous challenges as he was raised by a single mother. Home was wherever circumstances allowed them to settle, as Alexander recalls, "We were all over the place. Didn't have much money, so we stayed as long as our money could allow us." 

However, amidst the uncertainty, they found solace and hope in each other.

Alexander's mother, an unwavering source of inspiration, believed in her son's potential. "She always told me I'd be president. I mean, she had these aspirations. I mean, she would say things like that to me all the time," Alexander fondly recalled. Fueled by her encouragement, Alexander defied the odds and pursued higher education. After spending a few years as a teacher, he joined the St. Louis Sports Commission in 2007, where he now serves as the director of their non-profit Sports Foundation.

Marc Schreiber, affectionately referring to Solomon as their "sportsmanship evangelist," acknowledges the profound impact Alexander has had on shaping the program's mission. 

Back at Lafayette Prep, during his presentation, Alexander combines lessons about having fun and playing right with powerful videos from the Musial Awards. 

"All of the stories are centered on young people," Alexander said. "Because I want the kids that I'm talking to, to feel empowered to do some of the same things themselves."

One particular story that captures the essence of Musial Moments is that of Little Leaguer Isaiah Jarvis. Struck in the head by a pitch, Isaiah's response was nothing short of extraordinary. He walked over and embraced the distraught pitcher, leaving the audience with a heartwarming reminder of Stan Musial's legacy and the transformative power of compassion. 

Lafayette Prep students, like third grader Liliah McMillin, were moved by these stories. 

"It was beautiful how in all of them, there was a great spirit, and they were all kind to each other and strong no matter what happened," she said. 

Caliyah Howard, a sixth grader, highlighted the impactful message of availability, stating, "I guess the most important ability about yourself is your availability. I think that was a very powerful part of the speech and something I'll remember."

In a world where victories are often celebrated with fervor, while defeats can leave lasting scars, heroes can emerge at unexpected moments. "How you treat people matters more than anything because that's the legacy of Stan The Man Musial," Alexander passionately affirms. With his Musial Moments program, Alexander is changing perspectives on what it truly means to be a champion, emphasizing the profound impact of kindness, compassion, and sportsmanship.

Through the unscripted moments of life, Solomon Alexander's Musial Moments program is inspiring a new generation of champions, not only on the field but also in their communities and beyond.

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