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Music venues move slowly as St. Louis mask mandate expires

"We're taking a look and saying what makes the most sense for our audiences and everyone who comes to Powell Hall," a St. Louis Symphony Orchestra spokeswoman said.

ST. LOUIS — At the stroke of midnight Sunday, the mask mandate in St. Louis will be history.

However, for St. Louis Symphony Orchestra performances, the wearing of masks will still play out at Powell Symphony Hall.

"The health and safety of both our audiences and our musicians and staff is our top priority," said Vicki Boutwell, the organization's vice president of communications.

Boutwell said for now, the symphony will not make any changes to its current COVID-19-related rules.

That means all audience members who are older than 5 must still show proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test before they're allowed to enjoy Sunday's Mozart's Requiem performance.

"Audience members who purchased tickets for this weekend's concerts purchased them under the expectation that we have our current health and safety protocols in place. We're taking a look and saying what makes the most sense for our musicians, staff and for everyone who comes to Powell Hall," Boutwell said.

"I'm fine with it," said Maureen Albers, a longtime St. Louis Symphony Orchestra fan.

Albers is going to Sunday's concert and is clear on the city's decision to drop its mask mandate.

"I think everybody's ready for it. I mean the numbers have dropped, and I just hope that they don't go back up," said Albers.

At The Pageant and Delmar Hall on the Delmar Loop, concert fans will also have to continue showing proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test.

The Pageant will not require people to still wear masks, but it is encouraged.

"The mask mandate here is being dropped as a house policy. Our staff will continue to wear masks. Generally, everyone is optimistic," said Patrick Hagin, a managing partner at The Pageant and Delmar Hall.

"For next week, we'll take a look at what our health and safety protocols will look like for the rest of the season," the symphony's Boutwell added.

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