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Solar company fires back at consumer complaints despite multiple failed inspections

“Since November, the inspections on the roof have failed 5 times,” said Morris. “They never call back. I haven’t heard from anyone from Solis."

SUNSET HILLS, Mo. — A number of people have reached out to 5 On Your Side to throw shade at a solar company they say took thousands of dollars for them for panels that simply aren’t producing.

When Brittany Morris moved into a Sunset Hills home in 2021, she decided to cut the cord and go solar.

“Our earth needs to be saved,” said Brittany Morris. "The emissions of everything is just too much, but if I could save a little money and add some value to my home I thought it was worth looking into.”

After doing a little research online she settled on Solis Energy.

“Better Business Bureau said they were accredited,” said Morris. “Their Google reviews were positive.”

More than $30,000 later Morris says Solis installed the panels, but nearly five months later they still don’t work.

“Since November, the inspections on the roof have failed 5 times,” said Morris. “They never call back. I haven’t heard from anyone from Solis since the week before Christmas.”

Currently their accreditation is suspended,” said Better Business Bureau spokesperson Sarah Wetzel. “Better Business Bureau has received numerous complaints concerning installation of defective products and misrepresentation of their products during the initial presentation. We’ve also received complaints that the solar panels have not decreased the solar bill as the company had promised.  These complaints have not been addressed.”

Solis Energy Services owner Amanda Tapia told 5 On Your Side that the company has reached out to the BBB to resolve any disputes.

“Currently the matter is in review by the Better Business Bureau, and Solis has cooperated with the Better Business Bureau’s information requests during this process,” said Amanda Tapia in a statement. “Solis expects the Better Business Bureau to restore Solis’s accreditation after completing its current review.”

When asked about customer concerns about solar panels being installed properly and failed installations Tapia provided this response.

“Not every installation will pass inspection the first time,” said Tapia. “There are many possible reasons an installation might not pass inspection, and each situation is different. An inspection might fail because of pre-existing conditions on the customer’s property unrelated to Solis’s installation of solar panels. An inspection might fail because of miscommunications between government agencies or departments. An inspection might fail because of technical problems with paperwork, and in those situations, Solis has promptly addressed and resolved the paperwork issues. And also, an inspection might fail because of a problem with the installation work itself. Solis does always use a Licensed Union electrical contractor. In the rare instance an inspection fails because of solar panel installation work, Solis promptly takes any and all necessary and reasonable steps to rectify the issue as soon as possible.”

“What I thought was going to be saving me and adding to the value of my home is just doubled the amount that I’m paying monthly,” said Morris. “I don’t know how long I can continue paying double. I’m at a loss as what is going to happen with this. I would like it to be up and running, but if they’re not able to successfully do that I just want them to take it back.”

“Customers own any solar panels installed by Solis, as per the agreement between Solis and its customers,” said Tapia. “Because the customers own the solar panels, they have the right to have them removed. However, Solis has a 1-year workmanship warranty, so if a particular customer’s panels were not installed correctly by Solis, the customer should call Solis’s customer service number: 1-800-262-1101. If a customer ends up with a defective solar panel, the customer should contact the manufacturer and invoke the manufacturer’s warranty. Should a customer need assistance in contacting the manufacturer about a defective solar panel, the customer should call Solis’s customer service number: 1-800-262-1101.”

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