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Adam Sandler recreates iconic drive from 'Happy Gilmore' on movie's 25th anniversary

Alright, be honest. Who hasn't tried the iconic Happy Gilmore drive at least once?

After 25 years, Adam Sandler still has that iconic swing.

Sandler, on the 25th anniversary of one of his most beloved films, "Happy Gilmore", took to the golf course to give fans a special treat.

"It's been 25 years since I've done this... Let's see what happens. I'm scared. Shooter McGavin, this is for you," Sandler said in a video posted to Twitter.

The comedian and actor lined up his tee shot and then did his famous running drive just like Happy perfected in the movie.

"And I'm not lying to you that is smashed," Sandler said after he hit the ball.

And what do you know, the real-life Shooter McGavin (Christopher McDonald), Sandler's rival in the movie, responded with a video of his own.

In the video, McDonald sank a putt into a cup in his living room while rattling off a few classic lines from the movie including an invite for Sandler to meet him on the "ninth green at nine".

Happy Gilmore debuted in theaters on Feb. 16, 1994.

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