ST. LOUIS — It was the scandal that made news all over the area, and in some instances all over the country.

Cardinal Ritter's dressing of an ineligible player for their Week 1 match up led to the school's head coach being fired, the athletic director resigning, the player at the center of the scandal being suspended for a majority of next season and the team forfeiting the rest of their 2019 games.

At the center of it all was head coach Brandon Gregory.

Gregory originally sat down with 5 On Your Side's Ahmad Hicks to tell his side of the story back in October.

Watch: Full interview with Brandon Gregory

Now, Gregory is publicly apologizing for the first time, expressing remorse to other local coaches.

Gregory spoke before a number of local coaches Tuesday night at an event hosted by former NFL player and businessman Demetrious Johnson, where coaches were getting a chance to meet the new coaching staff from the University of Missouri.

"It still feels like I was missing something. And to be honest it felt like I owed you guys an apology. Because I feel like I let a lot of you guys down," Gregory said to the coaches. "I honestly, wholeheartedly messed up. I take full accountability for my actions and whatever those consequences might be. It bothers me every day. And to be honest with you this was hard for me to do. But I felt like it had to be done, because I mean it."

Gregory struck a much more apologetic tone on Tuesday night than we had heard from him in the past.

"I apologize and I'm going to do everything to make it right on my end," Gregory said. "I made a selfish act. It took me from here to here. It cut my legs out from under me."

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Gregory's apology struck a tone with many of those in attendance.

"It took a lot to humble himself and admit he made a mistake. But guess what? We all make mistakes," Johnson said.

Now, Gregory is saying he wants to use his mistake to lesson for others.

"As a man I want you guys to know that I'm sorry and I apologize. Whatever I can do for you. If you need me to come and be a walking testimony and come talk to your players, I'll do it," Gregory said. "We tell kids all the time that you can make a decision that affects the rest of your life. I just didn't think it would happen to me."

He told 5 On Your Side's Ahmad Hicks he has no plans to return to coaching next season, but he did not rule out a return in the future. 

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