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JJ Watt makes a fake commercial to help a student on class project

The Houston Texan football player might be more respected for his work off the field.
Credit: Twitter: JJ Watt

HOUSTON — Houston Texan defensive lineman JJ Watt has been known for his dominance in the NFL since 2011 but what he does off the field is what makes him really stand out.

On Tuesday, a Texas teacher assigned her class a project to create an original product using advertising techniques and one of her students chose a celebrity endorsement and picked JJ Watt. 

The teacher sent a message to Watt on Twitter that said "My class created products and had to use a advertising technique, one of my students chose celebrity endorsement...and look who he chose!! Thanks for being such a great role model for our future!!!"

Watt replied back and said "Haha that’s awesome. Had a couple extra minutes during lunch break today, so I figured maybe this would help boost his grade on the project. I also brought on a second endorser, but we need to work on his script a bit."  

He posted a video on his Twitter making an "Energy Chips" endorsement along with the help of his teammate Will Fuller. 

The video is hilarious and he even put in the effort of crafting a chip bag with the name "Energy Chips" on it. 

This video has gone viral and the teacher tweeted that her student definitely got an A on this project. 

The school's superintendent was so touched by Watt's gesture that they thanked him on Twitter too. 

"We appreciate you engaging with our students. We have 6 graduations coming up in the next week, I may need a few bags of those chips!" 

The football star has been a tremendous role model over the years and even won the Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year Award in 2017. 

The award is presented every year to a player for their volunteer and charity work as well as their excellence on the field. 

Watt just goes above and beyond in every situation and in this case, his comical gesture is probably something that this student will never forget. 

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