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'You are family' | Lou Brock's widow thanks Cardinal nation for support after husband's death

"Lou is watching from that stadium above and cheering us all on"

ST. LOUIS — The massive outpouring of support for late Cardinals' legend Lou Brock since his death earlier this month has reached all corners of the baseball world.

Here in St. Louis, the tributes and messages were endless.

Brock's widow, Jackie, released a statement on Friday, thanking the community and looking back on her and Lou's baseball relationship with St. Louis.

Here is her statement in full:

"Thank you seems to be such a small phrase. To express the magnitude of my gratitude for the life and times our family shared during Lou Brock’s years with you and even after he retired would require volumes of praise. You are family. You held his goals, his scores, his fans and mostly his commitment, dedication and love. You have always been there for him between each challenge and celebration on and off the field. You, Cardinal Nation, gave us the best experiences, now memories, we will hold cherish forever.

I want your fans and other players to know, you are exceptional in the public's eye as well as behind the scenes. There has never been a time you did not keep Lou on your short-list of those you celebrated and kept before your fans. I will always be grateful. To your faithful fans, know that you were Lou’s purpose. He never wanted to let you down. On the field, he always thrived to be the best record-breaking player and a reliable team-mate. As a fellow teammate, he credited you for being his inspiration, as you showed him in return. To his fans, he knew without you there would be no Lou Brock. He always tried to take the time in big situations or small to be welcoming and caring. However, you Cardinal Nation, gave him the platform, support and accessibility to always be the best he could be.

Personally, we are grateful for Fredbird and the birthday recognitions. The walk on the field after his amputation. From Aggie to the ticket takers, parking attendants, security teams, caterers and host of other staff, we thank you for treating Lou Brock as your friend and accommodating him as your star. The broadcasters made him as welcome in the broadcast booths as they acknowledged him on the field. Thank you all.

May God continue to bless each of you. You are most worthy and continue to live up to what baseball stands for in the hearts of us all. Know that you can always count on me in his spirit to baseball. Lou is watching from that stadium above and cheering us all on.

With appreciation and gratitude, Mrs. Jacqueline Brock, beloved wife & #1 Fan."

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