ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. — When St. Louis Blues fans woke up Thursday morning, I’m sure they were filled with many emotions.

Wednesday night’s playoff game ended with a controversial call, giving the Sharks the win over the Blues in overtime.

Several fans took to social media calling out the referees, saying how the winning goal was made as a result of a hand pass and the call should have been reviewed.

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And one church in south St. Louis County wanted to remind the Sharks that God is always watching…

South Side Church of God in Sappington put up two signs calling out the Sharks and the refs!

“God sees all,” one sign read. “Including hand passes. Let’s go Blues!”

“Dear refs, robbery is a sin. We forgive you. Let’s go Blues!” the other one read.

But don't lose all hope, fans, the Blues still have a chance in this series. Game 4 will be held in St. Louis Friday night at 7 p.m.