ST. LOUIS — Cue up another “so St. Louis” moment with the Stanley Cup.

St. Louis Blues video coach Sean Ferrell ended his day with the Stanley Cup the same way the team did dozens of times this season.

He played the team’s rockin’ goal song.

Except he actually had The Urge play it in person at a private concert.

The goal song debuted this season. To make it even more special, it’s performed by St. Louis band The Urge.

A video shared on Instagram from the official ‘Keeper of the Cup’ account showed lead singer Steve Ewing on stage with several members of the band sharing the spotlight with the Stanley Cup.

Ferrell is a St. Louis native, and he’s also the first local to have his name on the Cup as a coach.

Ferrell had his day with the Stanley Cup on Sunday. He spent several hours at the Webster Groves Aquatic Center, sharing his special moment with hundreds of fans. Then, he went over to his high school alma mater, SLUH, to share the Cup with the school’s Jr. Bills ice hockey team.

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The Stanley Cup in St. Louis: