ST. LOUIS — The Missouri Department of Transportation announced it closed the left lane and shoulder on westbound Interstate 64 between Kingshighway and Hampton for an unknown amount of time.

‘Crews have determined that a significant amount of earth has washed out from underneath the roadway and must determine the cause and a safe and appropriate fix for the area,’ MoDOT said in a press release.

The lane closure is expected to significantly impact both the morning and evening rush periods. MoDOT estimates 70,000 vehicles use westbound I-64 in the impacted area.

Jennifer Gray drives that stretch of I-64 every day, to and from work. She's weary of what that will do to her afternoon commute.

"It’s definitely going to back up traffic even more than normal, especially at rush hour time," says Gray.

Lisa Fister, who also frequents that stretch, is pumping the brakes.

"We need to fix our roads and I think that’s important. So I think I’d be willing to put up with it to get the roads fixed," says Fister.

Wednesday was the first day of the lane closure. Traffic certainly slowed to a steady procession but thankfully never came to a complete stop.

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