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'If you're leaving your dog outside in weather like this, you don't need a dog' | Push to change pet laws in Jefferson Co.

A resident who used to be an animal control officer says dogs throughout the county are being left unattended as wind chills drop into the negatives.

HILLSBORO, Mo. — A former animal control officer is calling for Jefferson County leaders to change the law about leaving pets in the cold.

It comes after the woman found a dog left out in freezing temperatures.

"When it's in the negatives, it's too cold for dogs to be outside. They will literally turn into popsicles," said Mandy Ryan.

And when she saw a dog left outside all day in a busted up dog house she knew she had to do something.

"As far as Missouri goes we've been kind of slacking when it comes to animal cruelty laws, unfortunately," added Ryan.

In Jefferson County, you can't have your dogs or cats out longer than fifteen minutes, if you do you have to make sure they have the right type of shelter and insulation. 

The state statute is a little bit more vague, in Missouri owning an animal and knowingly not providing adequate care could result in a class A misdemeanor for your first offense.

As for Ryan, she's got some simple advice for us dog owners.

"Um, don't leave them outside, if you are insisting on leaving your dog outside in weather like this then you don't need a dog, it's as simple as that," explained Ryan.

To read the full Missouri statute on animal cruelty click here.

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