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Here's why it's been so windy in the St. Louis area

Monday marks day 41 of wind gusts over 20 miles per hour since March

ST. LOUIS — A break from the blustery days is finally in the forecast. Tuesday and Wednesday will be quieter. As long as anemometers don't clock wind gusts over 20 mph, the streak of windy days in St. Louis will come to an end.

Monday, April 25, marked the 41st consecutive day of gusts over 20 mph in the St. Louis area. Meteorologist Marshall Pfahler tracks our weather at the regional National Weather Service office in St. Charles.

"This spring we have continually, across the pacific ocean, the El Niño southern oscillation in its La Niña phase," Pfahler said.

You don't have to worry too much about what that means, just know this: La Niña favors an active storm track across the St. Louis region. Active storm tracks mean constantly changing weather patterns.

"We're getting a lot of frequent low-pressure systems and cold fronts passing through the area," Pfahler said. "We get gusty winds ahead of and behind those."

So that's why it's been windy. The question remains: Is this spring any different from years past? 

Pfahler said yes. This April has been about 5 mph windier than last April.

As far as record-breaking windy weather goes, it could be our windiest spring yet — but we will never know. The National Weather Service does not keep records of wind gusts the way they do for temperatures or snowfalls. 

Pfahler said windy weather isn't out of the ordinary this time of year. 

"Climatologically, our fall and spring months are our windiest months," Pfahler said.

The pattern bringing St. Louis windy weather will shift north for the summer.

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