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Where to get a coffee flight in the St. Louis area

A business that started in north St. Louis County is opening a second location in downtown St. Louis
Credit: KSDK
Photo courtesy: Latté Lounge

FLORISSANT, Mo. — Nyshaun Harvey, now 23, was 14 when she lost her father and her interest in coffee grew. 

“I suffered from migraines and depression and I was spending a lot of my money and time at Starbucks. I thought to myself so many times. Why not create this space for people to be able to feel peace?”

That is exactly what Nyshaun did. She opened the Latte Lounge 9 months ago in north St. Louis County.

“We started construction before the pandemic. My six-month goal turned into 14 months, but I made it.”

“I wanted to open a café. My first business was a childcare facility, but I knew that I wanted to focus on my love of coffee and create something to honor my father.” Nyshaun said. “It’s been amazing. The beginning wasn’t great to be honest. But it’s taken off.”

What started small quickly grew because of the coffee flight.

“The coffee flight is what changed everything.”

Credit: Latte Lounge
Owner Nyshaun Harvey, 23, standing in front of her coffee shop in Florissant.

So what exactly can you expect ordering a coffee flight? 

“A little bit of everything. It’s a great invention for people who want to try a combination of flavors in one sitting. Or the coffee lover who could use an extra shot of caffeine. Works great for first-timers. Get to try a little bit of everything!”

When you order a flight, the cups of coffee come on a tray with five different flavors.

“I started doing my coffee flights in May mainly because I had a customer post that she was looking for a local spot that did it. I had never seen a coffee flight but I saw them in other states," Harvey said. "I thought nobody else is doing this and why don’t I take this opportunity here in St. Louis?”

The coffee flights are available on Friday and Saturdays at the Florissant location.

If you just can’t wait until Friday, the coffee flight will soon be available every day.

Latte Lounge will be expanding and opening a second location in downtown St. Louis next month. The partnership with HG Eatery will bring coffee flights to Washington Avenue and the goal is to open in September.

Harvey said she's excited about opening a second location, even in the middle of a pandemic

“I’m just thankful. I definitely didn’t expect my life to go this way. I’m just thankful.”

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