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Your guide to the best gooey butter cake in St. Louis

We made a list of the top five spots in our area to find the most delicious slices!
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ST. LOUIS – Alright, St. Louis. We wanted to know where to find the best gooey butter cake in town (possibly for selfish reasons) and we were not disappointed.  

We received hundreds of suggestions, so we made a list of the top five spots in our area to find the most delicious slices!

The History

First things first – how did gooey butter cake come about?

The history behind the gooey dish is questionable but stories we came across said it started out as a mistake and turned into the delicious treat we eat today.

One story said the dish dates back to the 1930s when a German baker added the wrong ingredients to the coffee cake batter he was making, and it turned into a gooey, pudding-like filling, according to What’s Cooking America.

Another story on that same website said while it was a mistake, the dessert was actually born in the early 1940s when a St. Louis baker named Johnny Hoffman of St. Louis Pastries Bakery created the dish.

After many trial and errors Johnny and his dad, “got it pretty good.” Johnny’s mom came in to the shop to try it and said, “this sure is gooey” and, according to the story, that’s is how the name was born.

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Top 5 Spots

Kruta Bakery – Collinsville, Ill. 

Yes, we know this bakery isn't in St. Louis but due to an overwhelming number of votes, we broke the rules and included it in this list. 

Kruta Bakery was founded in 1919 when Frank Kruta Sr. emigrated to East St. Louis from Russia after he trained in Germany to be a baker.

A family business, the bakery first consisted of two side-by-side shot gun style houses. Frank’s wife, four sons and daughter joined him in running the place.

After 55 years in East St. Louis, the bakery moved to Collinsville and has been there ever since.

Kruta's Collinsville Bakery added a new photo.

In addition to its incredible gooey butter cake, Kruta’s offers donuts, fresh-baked breads, other cakes (such as birthday cakes and cheese cake), various kinds of pastries and more sweet treats!

Click here for the bakery’s hours and a closer look at the menu!

Russell’s Café and Bakery – Fenton, St. Louis, Chesterfield 

Russell’s is the second-best place to find gooey butter cake in the area, according to our Facebook followers.

“Sweet meets savory,” is the first thing you see when you visit the Fenton Russell’s website.

Russell’s serves breakfast and lunch and they cater! Whether you indulge in the breakfast grilled cheese, lunch wraps, sandwiches or the sweet treats they offer – you’ll find something to love!

Oh my gooey-ness! What's your favorite Russell's gooey butter flavor?

They offer a variety of cakes and cookies and several flavors of their delicious gooey butter!

The gooey butter flavors include: original, chocolate chip, triple berry, espresso, toasted coconut, peanut butter, blueberry, blackberry and lemon.

Click here for the three locations, hours and a close look at the menus.

Gooey Louie – St. Louis 

Gooey Louie is a family owned gooey butter bakery! It got its start in the fall of 2006 at the Missouri Botanical Garden’s Best of Missouri Market.

According to its website, the bakers of Gooey Louie baked hundreds of cakes for family and friends over the years and decided it was time to open a shop!

Their gooey butter cakes were such a hit that Gooey Louie was born.

Gooey Louie makes gooey butter cakes for all kinds of occasions like birthdays, graduations, gender reveals and more! The bakery also offers special gooey butter desserts for weddings.

Click here for more information.

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McArthur’s Bakery – Mehlville 

McArthur’s Bakery is a well-known bakery in the St. Louis area for its party and wedding cakes. But, our Facebook followers said the bakery makes fantastic gooey butter cake as well!

At McArthur’s, you can order cakes for birthdays, weddings, holidays, gender reveals and more!

Click here to view the bakery's cake creations.

Park Avenue Coffee – St. Louis 

And the last local spot to make the list – Park Avenue Coffee.

Park Avenue Coffee is well-known for its gooey butter cake and offers several different kinds! Gooey butter cake has its own section on the bakery’s website.

From berry explosion and banana split gooey butter cake to classics like mom’s traditional or double chocolate – there is a flavor for every craving!

We have Gooey Butter Cakes fresh out of the oven and ready for your Memorial Day soiree! All of our cafe locations are open regular hours today, except for our cortex location.

The shop also serves up tea and coffee with their cakes. Click here for information on hours and the rest of the menu!  

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More places to find gooey butter cake 

  • Helfer's Pastries & Deli Café – Florissant
  • Who Dat's Southern Food Columbia – Columbia, Ill.
  • The Art of Entertaining – St. Louis

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