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Humane Society: Horses in tractor-trailer crash were being transported to slaughter

Out of the 29 horses that were on the trailer, 15 survived the crash

FRANKLIN COUNTY, Mo. — The Humane Society of Missouri gave an update on horses that were involved in a tractor-trailer crash in Franklin County last month.

On the evening of Oct. 18, a truck hauling 29 horses crashed on Interstate 44. Out of the 29 horses that were on the trailer, 14 were killed in the crash or had to be euthanized.

On Saturday, the Humane Society posted an update on the horses that survived the crash. The Humane Society also confirmed that the horses were being transported to slaughter.

“Never again will they face that dreadful fate!” the Humane Society wrote on Facebook.

Fifteen horses survived the crash.

Eleven of the surviving horses went to Longmeadow Ranch to recover. Four received intensive care at a local veterinary hospital and are now at the ranch to continue their recovery.

Unfortunately, one of the original 11 horses was suffering so much that veterinarians “determined humane euthanasia was the only option.”

The remaining 14 horses face a long recovery, the Humane Society said. Many of the survivors have deep skin and leg abrasions and lacerations, lip and chin ulcerations and head and eye traumas.

In addition to new injuries, many of the horses have previous issues like poorly healed broken bones, infections and malnutrition.

“Longmeadow staff and veterinarians are doing everything they can to heal these horses. Every day our team spends twelve hours just on wound care — flushing, cleaning, medicating and bandaging.  All of the horses are receiving daily antibiotics; many are on pain medications,” the Humane Society said on its website.

The Humane Society said veterinary bills and supplies have already totaled more than $20,000. If you’d like to make a donation towards the care of the horses, click here.