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Meet Deuce 'The Mighty': 2-legged dog shows his human friends what it means to persevere

"You'd have to be mighty to surpass the challenges that were before him."

BOURBON, Mo. — The example of being courageous isn’t limited to human beings.  A 3-year-old Shar Pei in Bourbon, Missouri is a pretty good case in point.

He is not your average pup.

“I don’t see him as different just special,” said Jennifer Crittenden. 

She is talking about Deuce "The Mighty”.

“You’d have to be mighty to surpass the challenges that were before him,” she said.

The challenges for Deuce began when he was a puppy. He had to have his right front leg and his back left leg amputated after he was injured by his mother just days after he was born.

“Just a freak accident. His mom was inexperienced and by licking too vigorously, too hard and rough, she accidentally broke his legs,” said Crittenden.

Deuce was very small at the time. Crittenden said he could fit in the palm of her hand. But what he lacked in size Deuce made up for with a big will to survive.

“He has that drive to live,” said Crittenden.

Credit: Jennifer Crittenden
A two-legged dog showing humans what it means to never give up.

Crittenden decided to do what she could to give Deuce a fighting chance.

“The first vet wanted to euthanize him. I said no. I not going to say that it was not challenging cause I hand raised him,” she said.

Eventually, Deuce got stronger and started to do things on his own. He began walking without assistance.

“What he was doing was like army crawling at first. We were just in tears on the floor. We were like oh my gosh he did it. He hasn’t stopped since,” she said.

Now Deuce has no problem getting around on two legs.

“He’s a typical dog. I mean he does dog things,” she said.

A typical reaction to people meeting this unique dog for the first time can be moving. Crittenden said complete strangers get emotional.

“I’ve had people in tears on their knees hugging him,” she said.

He seems to bring a level of inspiration to people with the way he has adjusted to life on two legs.

“They reach out to me and say oh he’s so awesome. He just inspires me every day,” said Crittenden.

She believes Deuce is serving a purpose by being an example of perseverance for humans.

“To never give up. Just to keep going no matter the situation, circumstances and just don’t take no for an answer,” she said.

She admits that raising Deuce hasn’t been an easy journey but she felt it was the right thing to do.

“All I knew was I wanted to help him survive and thrive. I think every life has value,” she explained.

She has no regrets.

“It’s just been this amazing adventure,” she said.

If you would like to follow Deuce and his adventures, you can follow him on Facebook.


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