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Police shot at while investigating car break-ins on City Foundry STL parking lot

Police said Sunday afternoon the investigation is ongoing.

ST. LOUIS — The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department is investigating reported car break-ins that took place Saturday night in a parking lot of the City Foundry STL where gunshots were also heard.

According to police, at 10 p.m. officers arrived at the south parking lot at 3730 Foundry Way to investigate reported car break-ins when they heard a number of gunshots coming from the same parking lot. 

Officers saw a white Honda Accord leaving the scene westbound on Foundry Way, then southbound on Vandeventer where it was last seen, according to police.  

A passenger of the Honda leaned over the roof of the car and started shooting several rounds from a rifle toward three teens and the two officers. 

A car window was shattered by gunfire where one of the officers was standing, according to police. The second officer said they heard several rounds whiz past their right ear.

Officers then saw the three teens, who police said were either shooting victims or offenders themselves, running eastbound through the parking lot. Officers ran after the teens and took them into custody. 

Police said they found a 15-year-old boy in possession of a Glock 29 equipped with an auto sear, which makes it fully automatic. They also found a 16-year-old boy in possession of a stolen Glock 19. 

The Juvenile Court was contacted, and they told officers to let the teens go back to their parents.

No injuries were reported. 

Will Smith with the City Foundry said in a statement:

“The safety and security of our guests and tenants at City Foundry is our top priority. We are grateful no one was injured during this isolated incident, and we appreciate the efforts of the officers of the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department for their quick response. We will continue to cooperate with the police department and city leaders regarding this incident.”

The investigation is ongoing.

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