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2 St. Louis Aldermen propose solutions after violent weekend

“These individuals have not lived long enough to actually know what life is,” Ward 3 Alderman Brandon Bosley said.

ST. LOUIS — It's been another violent weekend in the St. Louis area.

Police say three people were shot and killed in St. Louis and a fourth was killed in St. Louis County this weekend.

With a victim as young as 14 years old, St. Louis Aldermen are looking for solutions.

“These individuals have not lived long enough to actually know what life is,” Ward 3 Alderman Brandon Bosley said.

St. Louis Police say a 14-year-old boy was shot and killed on a porch in the Wells-Goodfellow neighborhood Saturday.

Just an hour and a half before that a 38-year-old man has killed in a car in the Price Chopper parking lot three minutes away.

Bosley said he sees a curfew as a possible solution, particularly for teenagers.

“We know that these individuals that are shooting at each other right now, especially over the violent weekend that we had are much, much younger. And we continue to see that," Bosley said. "I've said, for the last four years, the victims will get younger. And as the victims get younger, you'll find out that the individuals who are the suspects will get younger as well."

Bosley said he plans to introduce a curfew bill as early as this week which would also include plans for a curfew center where there’s a gym, a kitchen and other resources for kids.

“Anybody who feels comfortable enough to helping a child on the street and then telling you what their situation is, can pick you up, put you in my backseat, and I can take you somewhere. Somewhere I know you will get the services and know you're going to get the help that you need. And I won't see you out here next week or the week after,” Bosley said.

Ward 23 Alderman and Chairman of Public Safety Joe Vaccaro said there needs to be accountability on several levels.

“Until we start actually engaging the police, paying the police and prosecuting people things are not going to change. And it's frustrating because we're not only just talking about the murders. We're talking about multiple car break-ins, windows and shops being broken into nightly,” Vaccaro said.

Both of the incidents in the Wells-Goodfellow neighborhood are still under investigation.

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