ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. — A family-owned jewelry store was burglarized last week and police said the thieves got in by breaking into two other businesses next door.

Jean Shim, whose parents own Shim’s Diamond Co., said the alarm was destroyed and the thieves broke into the safe and stole everything.

“My parents are hard-working immigrants with four children,” Shim said. “They gave up everything to come to America to give their kids a better life. They work extremely hard and have been selfless their entire life.”

It happened Friday at around 8 a.m on the 12900 block of Olive Boulevard in St. Louis County. After the thieves broke into a dry cleaning business, they forced their way into Parallel Education Division and Shim’s Diamond Co., according to the St. Louis County Police Department. 

The thieves got away with an undisclosed amount of goods.

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