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Stores are running out of hand sanitizer as coronavirus concerns continue

Several St. Louis-area stores are running out of sanitizer and one big box store is restricting some sales

ST. LOUIS — Even with no confirmed cases in Missouri, stores in the St. Louis area are still seeing a spike in hand sanitizer sales, and at least one big box store is rationing disinfectant supplies.

At Ladue Pharmacy, there's one product that's selling a lot more than usual.

As hand sanitizer flies off the shelves, grandmother and substitute teacher Suzy Shepard is one of the people worrying about the coronavirus spreading.

"I don't know exactly how to act in the school or how to act when I'll be taking care of my grandkids next week to protect them from me or me from them," said Shepard.

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One way to do that is with hand sanitizer, something several St. Louis drug stores have already run out of.

“It's better than not doing anything, right? Because it does kill a good amount of germs, but if you have a faucet near you, it's better to wash your hands with warm water and soap," said pharmacist Savanna Ray.

But disinfectant products aren't the only thing people are stocking up on as the coronavirus concern continues.

“Right now, we are sort of in panic mode, so people are really worried their prescriptions are going to run out and they won’t be able to get it, which will that happen or not? I do believe there will be some shortages," said Williams.

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Shepard is one of the many people picking up her prescriptions just in case.

“There seems to be a whole community that's concerned, not just myself," she added.

Right now, the big question is are we being prepared or overreacting?

A spokeperson with Sam’s Club said all stores are limiting the sale of certain disinfectant products. Shoppers will only be able to get five disinfectant products at a time.

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