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Here's how you can get in line for the COVID-19 vaccine

Counties in Missouri and Illinois are asking people to fill out online surveys and sign-ups for the vaccine

ST. LOUIS — If you're raising your hand to roll up your sleeve for the COVID-19 vaccine, it might feel like you can't get that shot soon enough.

Vaccine plans for both Missouri and Illinois put health care workers and long-term care facilities in the first batch to get the shot, category “1A.” Group 1B includes essential workers and people in high-risk categories.

“Remember, the state controls the supply chain of vaccine and the state controls who can get the vaccine,” said St. Louis County Public Health spokesman Christopher Ave. “So at this time, we are limited for the state of Missouri to vaccinating people in the one category."

Several local health departments are offering vaccine sign-ups, but that's not necessarily the same as getting a spot in line. 5 On Your Side gathered information from every county in our viewing area. Here’s what we know:


CRAWFORD COUNTY: The county has not provided information online regarding the COVID-19 vaccine. Anyone who has questions regarding the vaccine may call the health department at 573-775-2555. 

FRANKLIN COUNTY: The county has launched an online registration process for vaccines. Those 65 years old or older, anyone with preexisting conditions and people who are in Phase 1A and 1B Tier 2 may receive vaccinations. In order to register, visit franklinmo.org and click on this link, which will direct people to Mercy Hospital Washington's COVID-19 Vaccination Information Form. For more information about vaccination, Franklin County residents can call 877-435-8411.

GASCONADE COUNTY: The health department said it is working toward vaccinating everyone in the 1A group, including frontline health care workers and those in long-term care facilities. The county is uncertain when it will receive additional vaccines. The county is not offering pre-registration or sign-ups. The health department will post updates on its Facebook page.

IRON COUNTY: The health department is asking those who are interested in pre-registering for the vaccine to call the Iron County Health Department at 573-546-7121 or the Iron County Medical Center at 573-546-1260. Follow the county's Facebook page for more updates.

JEFFERSON COUNTY: The health department has started the process of collecting contact information of people who are interested in a vaccine through a COVID-19 Vaccine Info Request Form on its website. Individuals will be identified to receive the vaccine based on risk status and occupation.

LINCOLN COUNTY: The Lincoln County Health Department has launched a COVID-19 pre-registration form. The form asks for information such as occupation and health conditions. The county will also use other methods to alert community members when they may be eligible for the vaccine, including news media, social media and Nixle. The county said it is working on obtaining the vaccine.

PHELPS COUNTY: The Phelps-Maries County Health Department has launched an online survey that asks residents about "views on the COVID-19 pandemic and COVID-19 vaccination," according to a post on the department's Facebook page. The survey responses will be used to guide the county's "public education mission." Those with questions regarding the vaccine and survey may call 573-458-6040. 

PIKE COUNTY: The health department has not yet received any vaccines and is not taking names for a waitlist. The county will update the community on its website.

ST. CHARLES COUNTY: St. Charles County's online form is a true pre-registration for people who live and work there. A county spokesperson told 5 On Your Side more than 14,000 people have enrolled for the chance to schedule a vaccine when it rolls out to the phase in which they qualify.

“Through this vaccine registration process, those who sign up will be placed in a virtual queue to receive the vaccine when it is time for their phase, and vaccine is available,” said St. Charles County Department of Public Health Director Demetrius Cianci-Chapman in an email. “We believe that having this information prior to distribution will assist us in reaching those who want to be vaccinated, and disseminating it in a more timely manner.”

ST. FRANCOIS COUNTY: The county health department has a COVID-19 Vaccination Pre-registration form where people can submit contact information and be notified when they will be eligible to receive a vaccine. The health department noted on its website that it could be "several weeks" before people are notified.

ST. LOUIS CITY:  The City of St. Louis Department of Health has yet to receive any COVID-19 vaccines, but city residents now have a way to stay up-to-date on vaccine distribution when they become available through its survey page.

City residents can sign up to get vaccine and vaccination notifications. Those who sign up will be updated on the status of vaccine availability and the phased distribution of the vaccine.

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ST. LOUIS COUNTY: St. Louis County also offers a vaccine pre-registration page. At this point, the county will only be able to follow up to get you a vaccine if you're in the 1A category and are not getting the shot from your hospital or long term care facility. 

If you are in 1B or subsequent categories, Ave said the department will keep your information on file and notify you when you are eligible for available vaccines—but pending further guidance from the state, it’s hard to call this a “spot in line.”

“We anticipate having, together with the other vaccinators in St. Louis County, having multiple locations to get a vaccine when they are widely available,” said Ave. “Over time, the vaccine will be widely available. But that day is not today.”

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STE. GENEVIEVE: The health department is working with Ste. Genevieve Memorial Hospital to develop a plan for mass vaccination clinics once the vaccine is available. The county does not have a waiting list. The health department will update the community on its website, Facebook page and through the local news media.

WARREN COUNTY: The health department is partnering with Mercy to pre-register people in the 1A, 1B Tier 1 and 2 groups. Those who are interested may fill out a COVID-19 Vaccination Information form. 

WASHINGTON COUNTY: The health department is in the process of vaccinating people in the 1A group. Anyone in the 1A group who seeks a vaccination may call the health department at 573-438-2164. The department will notify the community when it can move to the next grouping. Follow the county's Facebook page for updates.

Vaccinator locations

Missouri has published an interactive map of locations approved to receive vaccinations. The map comes with the following disclaimer:

The state of Missouri is still experiencing an exceptionally limited supply of COVID-19 vaccines. Before contacting a vaccinator on this map to coordinate your vaccination, please understand that many vaccinators are still awaiting supplies from the federal government.

Because vaccinators are listed here does NOT mean:

  1. The identified provider has any vaccine on hand or ability to order at this time.
  2. The identified provider has an intent to publicly distribute vaccine.


BOND COUNTY: The county health department has not yet provided information online on its vaccination distribution plan or processes.

CALHOUN COUNTY: The health department is in the process of vaccinating health care workers, pharmacy employees, EMTs and firefighters. The county is in the process of developing a plan to vaccinate educators. Those who have questions about vaccine distribution plans may call 618-576-2428. Updates will also be posted on the county health department's Facebook page.

CLAY COUNTY: The health department began accepting appointments to vaccinate those who fall into the 1B group. You must call 618-662-4406 to schedule an appointment. Currently, the vaccination clinic scheduled for Jan. 19 is full. The health department will post updates on its Facebook page.

CLINTON COUNTY: The Clinton County Health Department is currently vaccinating health care workers in Phase 1A, according to its Facebook page. The department is taking names of health care workers and people over the age of 75. Call the department at 618-594-2723 for more information.

FAYETTE COUNTY: The health department is offering pre-registration for the COVID-19 vaccine. Those who are interested must print out this form on the county's website. Fill out the form and email, fax or drop it off at the health department; that information is available by clicking here. The county is offering vaccines to people in group 1A and 1B

GREENE COUNTY: Those who work and live in Greene County may fill out a form to be placed on the COVID-19 vaccine waitlist. The health department said it may take six to eight weeks before it is able to begin contacting those who fill out the form. The health department will post updates and information about vaccine distribution on its Facebook page.

JERSEY COUNTY: The county said its supply of the vaccine is limited and clinics are being scheduled for small groups. The health department is in the process of vaccinating people in the 1A group. Follow the county on its Facebook page for updates.

MACOUPIN COUNTY: The county has an online survey that people can fill out if they are interested in receiving the vaccine. The form does not guarantee people will receive the vaccine.

MADISON COUNTY: To track interest in vaccination and better prepare for distribution, Madison County’s health officials are asking residents to complete a questionnaire. Completing the survey does not secure residents a place in line, but providing contact information can help the health department alert groups when they’re up for the shot.

MARION COUNTY:  The health department is in the process of vaccinating people who fall into the 1A group, according to its Facebook page.  When the county completes vaccination of the first group, it will begin vaccinating those who are in Group 1B. Anyone in the 1A group who would like to register is asked to call the health department at 618-548-3878.  

MONTGOMERY COUNTY: The health department has not posted information online regarding the COVID-19 vaccine. It does post general information regarding the virus on its Facebook page.

MONROE COUNTY: The health department is in the process of administering the vaccine and people are encouraged to sign up on a notification system called Code RED. The county will use this system to alert residents when it is their turn. People should fill out a COVID-19 Vaccine Consent Form and bring it when them when they arrive for their appointment. The county moved to Phase 1B on Monday, Jan. 18 after officials said all priority health care workers were vaccinated and there were surplus doses still available.

RANDOLPH COUNTY: The health department is currently vaccinating those who are in group 1A and plans to begin vaccinations among those in the 1B group next week, according to its website. The next "target group" will include those who are 65 years old and older. The local hospital and health care providers will work with the health department in the vaccination effort. Right now, the county is not offering online surveys or registration for the vaccine.

ST. CLAIR COUNTY: The county health department is gathering information from those who work and live in the county and are interested in receiving the vaccine. People who complete the Vaccine Notification Form will be added to a list the receive updates and notifications regarding the vaccine.

WASHINGTON COUNTY: The county is in the process of vaccinating people in the 1A group. It has started a waitlist for those who are in the 1B group. The health department is collecting only the names of Washington County residents who are 65 years old and older. Call 618-327-3644 to be placed on the list. Follow the health department's Facebook page for vaccine distribution updates.

This story will be updated as more municipalities share their plans and processes on vaccine distribution.

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