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'Glad something is going to be done': $900k raised to renovate Kinloch Park

Fundraisers hope this investment will grow the interest of others in the region to help rebuild the historic town of Kinloch.

ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. — The St. Louis County Parks Foundation has released renderings of what would be a new and improved Kinloch Park.

It is what the St. Louis County Parks Foundation plans to do the $900,000 raised for improvements to what it called one of the county's high-need parks.

"Glad something is going to be done out here," Mickey Hutton, a neighbor said. “Something needs to be done."

Hutton is holding onto leaders' hope that a complete rebuild of Kinloch Park will make a difference. He said the park is neglected far too often. He said he and his brother cut the grass on Father’s Day to make sure the area was up to the liking of the community.

“[The grass] was so high you couldn't even walk through it," Hutton said.

He’d like more consistent lawn care, useable bathrooms and smooth walking paths. St. Louis County Parks Foundation said $900,000 will be used to fix all of these issues and more. Foundation President Mark Ohlendorf said he hopes this is the investment that gets more of St. Louis County to buy into changing this historic town.

"The sooner we start, the sooner everybody will see something can be done,” Ohlendorf said. “The people in the community will be thrilled when they see something actually taking place up there."

The parks foundation found north St. Louis County families have a 150% higher rate of diabetes compared to the national average, and 82% of families live high-sedentary lifestyles. Hutton hopes a change of scenery and greenery will turn that around.

"It will bring back a lot of old people who live over here. There's a lot of kids that come over here [to the park]."

Ohlendorf said the foundation is still eligible for a $250,000 grant. After that decision is made in October, ground will be broken on the rebuild of the new Kinloch Park.

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