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St. Louis is home to Missouri's wealthiest – and poorest – ZIP codes

The region’s income inequality doesn’t end in St. Louis.
Credit: St. Louis Business Journal

ST. LOUIS — St. Louis is home to the richest ZIP code in Missouri. It also is home to the poorest. 

The four Missouri ZIPs with the highest median household income are all located in west St. Louis county. The poorest ZIP code in the state is in St. Louis city, just north of downtown. The region’s income inequality doesn’t end there. Across the river, East St. Louis is home to the three poorest ZIP codes in Illinois. (Illinois’ five richest ZIPs are all in suburbs of Chicago.)

The Gini Index, a measure of income inequality calculated by the U.S. Census Bureau, is lower for the St. Louis metropolitan area (0.4667) than for the nation as a whole (0.4845). (The closer the Gini Index is to 1, the less equal incomes in a region are.) However, it’s slightly higher than Kansas City’s Gini Index of 0.4562.

St. Louis' wealthiest ZIP codes:

  1. 63005, Chesterfield: $160,354
  2. 63124, Ladue: $149,423
  3. 63131, Town and Country, Frontenac: $144,159
  4. 63038, Glencoe (Wildwood): $125,441
  5. 63141, Creve Coeur: $110,645
  6. 63341, Defiance: $105,298
  7. 63040, Grover (Wildwood): $103,911
  8. 63017, Chesterfield: $99,099
  9. 63025, Eureka: $98,590
  10. 63368, O’Fallon: $95,774

Check out the St. Louis Business Journal's report here for the full list of 25 wealthiest ZIP codes and an interactive map.

Below are the five richest and poorest ZIP codes in Missouri and Illinois, measured by median household income. ZIPs in red are located in the St. Louis region.

Credit: St. Louis Business Journal
Credit: St. Louis Business Journal

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The five digits in your ZIP code can indicate how much money you make, your risk for obesity - even when you'll die. Every year, the suburbs of Ladue, Chesterfield and Town and Country top our list of wealthiest ZIP codes. Of the more than 200 ZIP codes in 15 Missouri and Illinois counties surrounding St.

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