JEFFERSON COUNTY, Mo. — The I-Team is on the trail of a Craigslist contractor who's left a path of angry homeowners and unfinished work around Jefferson County.

In a new twist, the contractor is threatening to sue one of his unhappy customers.

Chris works hard so his dogs can have a better life. He lives in Jefferson County but asked us not to reveal his last name out of fear of retaliation.

Earlier this year, Chris found his dream home but couldn't move in until he felt his animals could really enjoy it.

"We got three dogs so we couldn't move in without a new fence," said Chris.

So Chris went to Craigslist and searched 'handyman'. He thought finding good help would be that easy.

Craiglist led Chris to contractor Jason Soetebier.

"He was basically on Craigslist saying he was a concrete contractor. He was saying he could do anything," said Chris.

Soetebier might've claimed he could do anything, but Chris said he certainly didn't do much for him.

"The first thing we had him do was take down a wall that used to be by the steps to open it up. And he took it down and basically threw all the drywall and the frame outside," Chris said.

And what about that much-needed fence?

"He just dug the holes and then, after that he took the money. He said he needed money to buy supplies and he never came back," Chris said.

Chris had to install a temporary fix in his kitchen, so his dogs wouldn't fall. The $3,000 he paid Soetebier was gone with little to show for it.

In the end, he couldn't move into his house for six months while he fixed the damage.

"It sucked. We're paying for a house that we could not live in because he was basically nowhere to be found. We had to come up with the money to fix what he did."

And in a surprising twist, Chris said the contractor is now making threats to make his life even worse

"He told me he'll take me to court, he says he'll sue me because of breach of contract. He needs to grow up and start acting right."

The Better Business Bureau also investigated Soetebier earlier this year after receiving complaints that he failed to start or finish projects and failed to issue refunds

He's also being sued by a few of his former customers.

We reached out to him but did not hear back. The BBB tried to find him as well but also had no luck.

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