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Daughters of murdered Captain David Dorn upset widow will speak at RNC

"We want our dad to rest in peace and we don't want his death or his legacy or any of his images to be used for political gain," said Lisa Dorn

ST. LOUIS — On June 2, retired St. Louis Police Captain David Dorn was shot and killed by suspected looters while responding to an alarm at a northside pawn shop.

Captain Dorn retired from the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department in 2007 after 38 years of service. He became Chief of Police for the Moline Acres Police Department in 2008.

Now, his widow and daughters are split on how his life is being honored.

Nearly three months after losing their 77-year-old dad, Dorn's daughters are making passionate pleas. They believe Ann Dorn, their father's widow, is now politicizing their father's death.

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Lisa Dorn is the law enforcement leader's daughter.

"I miss most about him, our talks. We talked almost every day and I just think about him all the time," said Lisa.

"He was just there for us. He was a great dad," said Debra White, another of Dorn's daughters.

The daughters worry "their dad is being used as a poster child for violence against police officers."

Ann Dorn is a sergeant at the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department.

"There were tweets from the president, calls from the White House and then came the invitation to the White House," said Lisa Dorn.

In July, President Trump invited Sergeant Dorn and several of her fellow officers to speak at the White House during Fourth of July celebrations.

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"We were invited to go with her and we told her we were not going," added Lisa.

Ann Dorn, speaking Thursday at this week's Republican National Convention, may not be a surprise to political watchers, but for David Dorn's daughters?

"It's very frustrating because I knew my dad did not agree with a lot of Trump's policies or procedures," said Debra White.

"We don't want his death or his legacy or any of his images to be used for political gain. That's not the purpose of my dad's life. He would not have wanted it. It's sending the wrong message," added Lisa Dorn.

5 On Your Side reached out to Ann Dorn, but in a statement Sergeant Keith Barrett at the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department said "Sgt. Dorn will not be available for an interview."

Meantime, David Dorn's daughters hope their pleas don't fall on deaf ears.

"We're all grieving and we're all trying to cope and get through my dad's death," Lisa Dorn said.

"Just please, stop and let us remember him as the great man he was, the great father and beloved husband," said Debra White.

Dorn's daughters say they will be watching when Ann Dorn delivers her RNC speech Thursday night.

They also say plan to counter several of Dorn's claims when she holds a Peace Rally in St. Louis on Saturday.

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