ST. LOUIS — One of St. Louis’ most iconic signs recently got a facelift.

You’ve probably driven by it hundreds of times… the Amoco sign at Clayton Avenue and Skinker Boulevard is hard to miss.

Since its getting a new look, we wanted to know why the sign has gone through so many changes.

The History

There has always been a massive sign at the gas station near the southwest corner of Forest Park. The first sign went up in the 1930s. 

“Standard Red Crown” was illuminated in neon.

standard red crown sign

In the 1950s, the station changed hands. The original building and sign were torn down and updated in 1959. A new “Standard Oil” sign was put in its place.

standard oil sign

It was a fixture at that spot until the early 1990s, when the station signed a lease with Amoco. In 1993, the sign was taken apart, piece by piece, painted and put back together. 

Even after BP bought Amoco 20 years ago, the iconic sign remained a fixture on the midtown skyline.

BP brought back Amoco as a complimentary brand a couple years ago. Now that Amoco is returning to St. Louis, the sign is getting its latest new look.

Renovations on the sign are expected to be completed as soon as possible. Painters need temperatures at 50 degrees or warmer to finish.