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Kinloch Fire Department rallies support for firefighter recovering from stroke

Capt. Michael Pickett Junior has been a Kinloch firefighter since 1995.

KINLOCH, Mo. — The Kinloch Fire Department is rallying support for a firefighter who suffered a stroke while on the job. 

Capt. Michael Pickett Jr. collapsed on Aug. 6. Doctors said he suffered a stroke and a deep brain bleed.

"I was kind of like in a fog," his wife, Sheryl Pickett, said. "Disbelief that my husband had a stroke. He still has a long way to go. He has no use of his right side. Still having issues with speaking. Considering it could've been a different outcome, I'm just grateful he's still here."

Pickett has been a Kinloch firefighter since 1995. He's described as a fun, loving man that always brightened the department.

"Captain Picket is a goofy guy," said Capt. Chase Martin with the Kinloch Fire Department. "A lot of people gave him trouble about his height. We joke with him. Put booster seats in the fire truck so he can see over the dashboard. It's important that we support him. He dedicated his life, outside of his full-time job to serve his community."

As a volunteer firefighter, Pickett earns a check at his main job at the airport. Since he's been recovering at the hospital, he hasn't been able to show up at either job or perform duties at home.

"His crew has been out to our house," Sheryl said. "They keep the yard up because they know he can't do that."

Sheryl said renovations to their home will need to be made in order for it to be accessible for her husband. Firefighters said they are also looking for an electrician to help transition the captain's home. 

They are looking for support for a man who has dedicated his life to serving and saving many in the community. 

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