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High school STEM scholar designs prosthetic batting glove for teammate

Logan Murrish is already hard at work on Gavin Jones' Glove 2.0, showcasing the unwavering commitment to make a difference.

FLORISSANT, Mo. — In the heart of the baseball season, a heartwarming tale of camaraderie and innovation has emerged, as 16-year-old Logan Murrish, from Florissant, Missouri, stepped up to the plate not just for his own team, but for a fellow player facing unique challenges.

 What began as a chance encounter at a baseball tournament turned into a remarkable display of friendship and technological ingenuity.

"I just like being with my teammates. It's a team sport. That's what I mainly like. It's not one guy," Murrish said, his love for the game evident in his words. But this story transcends the boundaries of sport, diving into the realm of science, technology, engineering and math.

At that very tournament, Murrish crossed paths with Gavin Jones, a 16-year-old from Winfield, Missouri, who was born with a congenital hand disorder. Jones' determination and resilience have been his driving force, both on and off the field. "Sometimes coaches look past me and think that I can't do what other kids can, but I've shown on the field and off that I can do anything anybody else can," Jones said passionately.

The turning point came when they were placed on the same team and Jones' struggles in the batting cage caught Murrish's attention. Inspired to make a difference, Murrish, a member of Duchesne High School's STEM Scholars Academy, took on a unique challenge—to harness his passion for science and math to better the lives of others.

While others might have opted for an easier project, Murrish's innovation and determination led him to create a mechanical prosthetic batting glove for Jones, designed to provide a better grip on the bat. With the aid of a 3D printer he acquired during the pandemic, Murrish meticulously crafted the glove piece by piece. 

The result was a game-changer for Jones. "I was shocked. I definitely didn't think that something like that could have been made," Jones said.

The glove's design stabilizes the top half of the baseball bat, ensuring a more controlled swing. It's an embodiment of Murrish's passion for both hits and home runs, and atoms and algorithms, as his mother, Sherri, said. "Logan's always been a really good student. He's always been very interested in math and science."

But the story doesn't end with version 1.0 of the glove.  Murrish is already hard at work on Jones' Glove 2.0, showcasing the unwavering commitment to make a difference. For Jones, Murrish's impact has been life-changing. "Logan's such a great kid. I'm so glad I met him in Florida 'cause he's really changed my life," Jones said gratefully.

In the midst of a game where scores are tallied and victories celebrated, this tale goes beyond the scoreboard. Murrish's determination and compassion have demonstrated that sometimes, the most impactful swings happen off the field. As Murrish eloquently put it, "I saw someone who just wasn't having a great experience and I just wanted to see how I can make it better in the long run."

Murrish's mother, Sherri, echoed the sentiment of every proud parent, "Just proud of him, right? When you raise a kid, you just hope they want to be good people, and I was just proud of him."

 In a world often consumed by competition, this story serves as a reminder that the real home runs are the connections we make and the lives we touch. 

Logan Murrish, a power hitter for kindness, has shown us all what it truly means to be a teammate, both on and off the field.

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