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Triple shooting rattles neighbors in north St. Louis

"It sounded like a war going off. I was scared for me and my four children," said one mom.

ST. LOUIS — For more than 30 years, Mary Washington has lived near Natural Bridge and Grimshaw in north St. Louis.

She says for the most part, her block is quiet.

However, just behind her home around 11 o'clock Friday night loud gunfire rattled Washington and her neighbors.

"I've never in my life heard anything like that ever. It was back to back just continuous gunfire for about 30 seconds," recalled Washington.

Police say they responded to a shooting in 6000 block of Natural Bridge.

Officers initially went there and saw bullets in the Two Of A Kind Bar and Grill, a building next door, and a vehicle.

Shell casings could also be seen in the street.

Police later arrived at a hospital and learned a 29-year-old man, a 36-year-old man, and a 32-year-old woman had been shot.

The victims told investigators they were at the bar when they "heard shots, felt pain, and drove themselves to a hospital."

It's unclear if they were inside or outside.

"Yes, I want to move, but I can't right now," said one mom who lives a block away from the shooting scene.

The mom was worried about her four sleeping children after hearing the gunfire.

"I was already sitting on the bed and then I lied down. It sounded like at least six guns went off at once. I mean it just sounded like a war was going on," said the mom.

The owner of Two of A Kind Bar and Grill didn't want to go on camera.

He did say during their 60 years in business, "they've never been a problem or shot up."

In a statement,  22nd Ward Alderman Jeffrey Boyd said, "I'm extremely disappointed to hear that people cannot patronize a business without getting shot.

Boyd also said, "I'm grateful it wasn't a fatality."

"I don't think it can be prevented because of what's going on now around the city. It doesn't make any sense because the people who are doing all this shooting don't care who they shoot," said Mary Washington.

At this point, police haven't said anything about a motive for the shootings or released any information about possible suspects.

Anyone with any information about the crimes is urged to call the St. Louis Police Department.


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