ST. LOUIS — Missouri Auditor Nicole Galloway is running for governor.

She launched her campaign early Monday morning with a video online called ‘Every Dollar.’

“Government isn’t doing much to make a difference for you and your family unless you are a well-connected insider. Health care costs are going through the roof and parents are worried about their kids being able to make a good life close to home. I’m one of them,” Galloway said. “It’s hard to trust Jefferson City with our tax dollars. I’ve never settled for things just being the way they are and neither should Missourians. Dark money and insider deals have rigged the system against working families. As Auditor, I’ve fought it. As Governor, I’ll end it.”

Galloway has been Missouri’s auditor since April 2015 when then-Governor Jay Nixon appointed her following the death of Tom Schweich. Galloway, a Democrat, won re-election in 2018.

Galloway has identified more than $350 million in government waste, fraud and mismanagement, according to a news release announcing her candidacy. She also has had nine bipartisan policy items become law.

Galloway grew up in Fenton and in the video credited her parents for teaching her ‘the value of a dollar.’

She was Boone County’s treasurer before serving as auditor of Missouri. She graduated from the Missouri University of Science & Technology and has a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Missouri-Columbia.

Gov. Mike Parson took office in 2018 after Eric Greitens resigned. He has not announced whether he will run for governor.

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