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Lafayette High School grad stars for colorful Savannah Bananas

The Bananas are constantly going viral online for their unique baseball shenanigans. And a pitcher from St. Louis is right in the middle of the fun.

BALLWIN, Mo. — By now there's a decent chance you've heard of the Savannah Bananas. They're a summer college team in the Coastal Plain League that focuses on fun, just as much as baseball.

The team often goes viral on social media for their wacky promotions, fan engagement and mid-game dance numbers. Oh, and they've sold out over 200 consecutive games.

And the Bananas have a St. Louis connection as well. But Gavin Oswald says although he may try, he can't dance.

"I couldn't dance before I got there and can't dance after I leave," Oswald said.

Oswald is an imposing 6-foot-6, 285 pound lefthanded pitcher for the Bananas and a graduate of Lafayette High School. He's currently a sophomore at Mineral Area College, and went 8-0 last season.

Oswald said the Bananas take their dancing and shenanigans seriously, though, and embrace the circuslike atmosphere.

"As soon as you throw the pitch and as soon as that ball hits the catcher's mitt, it is music until you lift your leg for the next pitch," Oswald said.

"For a 7 o'clock game we get there about 2 or 3 every day for choreography. We have a professional dance coach."

But there is some talent on this fun team as well. 11 Savannah Bananas have been drafted by MLB teams. Oswald has that same dream of having fun, and bettering himself for a shot at a big league opportunity.

"You could be both. I looked around and you're playing with a lot of future pro baseball players. So hopefully both," Oswald said about being a Banana and making it to the majors someday.

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