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Cardinals' prospect Carlson is proving why he's a key part of organization's future

He's only 20, is leading the Texas League in home runs and had simply too much potential to trade at the deadline. Cardinals' prospect Dylan Carlson is the real deal

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — The Cardinals' front office has had a rough go of it lately.

After failing to make any kind of move at the deadline to help a team fighting for its playoff life, there are many around time that have a few choice words for Johm Mozeliak and Mike Shildt.

The unwillingness of the front office to part with their top prospects was one of the sticking points for the club at the deadline, with two names sticking out. 

Watch: Dylan Carlson is proving why he's a top prospect

"Mostly the ask on the prospect side (led to the inability of a trade). Starting with a Dylan Carlson. We weren't going to trade Carlson just for 10 or 11 starts," Mozeliak said at the deadline. "Ultimately we did not want to go into this trade deadline feeling we were going to trade a Dylan Carlson or a Gorman, especially for a rental."

Dylan Carlson is just 20 years old. You wouldn't know it by his minor league stats.

At AA this season, Carlson is leading the Texas League in home runs with 19. He's slugging .508 with 22 doubles and 57 RBI. Those are no small numbers.

"Power's always been a part of my game, but this year I think it's really blossomed a little more, I guess would be the word," Carlson said. "I just really kind of shifted my focus this year and tried to do more damage at the plate. The results have come a little bit, and I've kind of just tried to stick with the process and keep growing."

The faith from his organization also hasn't gone unnoticed by Carlson, who said everything he's seen so far as a Cardinal has been top notch.

"It's a huge honor to be drafted by the Cardinals, and for them to feel that way about us. For me, speaking on my behalf, it's a real honor and I'm fortunate to be in this position," Carlson said. "Like I said, I'm just coming out here trying to control the things I can control, and play the game each night to the best of my ability, and for them to say that stuff it really means a lot, and we're really looking forward to playing for the big team one day."

Watch: Full interview with Cardinals prospect Dylan Carlson

Carlson and Gorman are numbers one and two on the Cardinals prospects list (depending on who you ask), but the 20 year old from California looks to be on the faster track.

"It's hard not to look at the lists and all those things, you know with social media and everything, but I really just try to control what I can control," Carlson said. "I really have the goal and mindset each day of coming in and trying to learn something new every day and for me I think that's really helped elevate my game and make me a better player."

To get to the next level, Carlson said consistency will be key. He said he's learned quite a bit from veterans in the organization, and has enjoyed picking many of their brains when they pass through Springfield on rehab assignments.

"In spring training when you're around all these great people like Willie McGee, Jim Edmonds and Paul Goldschmidt, the list goes on and on. Just how willing everyone was to share information, I think it really helped me," Carlson said.

The power numbers jump off the page, but Carlson wants people to know he's a solid player all the way around.

"I try to be the most complete player I can be, and that involves all aspects of the game, whether that's running the bases, in the outfield playing defense, throwing to the right base... just being a smart player.," Carlson said. "That's really what I pride myself on."

It could be sooner than later Cardinals fans get to see this talented 20-year-old on the bright lights of Busch Stadium.

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