The Stanley Cup has had one heck of a summer.

So far the Cup has had babies inside of it, toasted ravs eaten out of it, margaritas made in it, pasta eaten out of it (multiple times) and more kisses planted on it than you could possibly count.

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The question that seems to have come up the most during the summer of champions is a simple one.

How in the world does this thing stay clean and sanitary?

Well, we went right to the men in charge for the answer.

The "Keepers of the Cup" have one of the coolest jobs in the world. They're the ones who travel with the Stanley Cup at all times, making sure nothing happens to the most storied trophy in sports.

Howie Borrow, one of the keepers of the Cup, was able to answer our cleanliness questions as he follows the trophy from Blues player to Blues player.

Q: How in the world is the Cup cleaned/de-sanitized after every player gets it?

A: The Cup is made of sterling silver and is simply cleaned with soap and water. No particular type of soap...whatever is available...usually from the hotel rooms we stay in.

Other than that, it's cleaned with silver polish once, possibly twice a year.

Q: How often is it cleaned?

A: It's cleaned every day... at least once depending on how dirty it gets and how many separate events we are attending...(ie. finger prints, lipstick marks etc...) to keep it nice and shiny.

Sometimes, it's cleaned more often depending on when food and/or beverages are put into the bowl.

Q: Is it safe to use normal cleaning products on?

A: Yes, most mild soaps (liquid/bar) can be used. Sometimes, alcohol wipes are used if no soap available. General rule is not to use any chemical cleaners.

Q: Is it hard to get alcohol or food smell and stuff out of the Cup?

A: Not really, some of the food or alcohol might still be present after a quick cleansing but most times it's removed with a thorough cleaning. (A good lather of soap, a clean water rinse and a dry towel finish).

So, bottom line, if you find yourself in proximity of the Cup as the champs continue to revel in their remarkable win, don't be worried about the cleanliness of it. Go ahead and add your fingerprints (or lip prints if you choose) to history.