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Restored 'Good Burger' car has new home at St. Louis burger joint

When Hi-Pointe Drive-In co-owner Mike Johnson saw the worse-for-wear car for sale in 2019, he knew he had to have it

ST. LOUIS — The St. Louis area now has an iconic piece of 90s history to call its own.

The famous car from the 1997 movie "Good Burger" is now parked at the Hi-Pointe Drive-In at 1033 McCausland Ave. — which means staff there can say, "Welcome to Hi-Pointe, home of the 'Good Burger' mobile. Can I take your order?"

Hi-Pointe co-owner Mike Johnson said "Good Burger" was one of his favorite movies of the 90s. When he saw an article in 2019 announcing the car was for sale in Florida for $10,000, he had to have it. 

The 1975 AMC Pacer was a long way from how it looked two decades ago, when it was driven around by actors Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell. The rusted car didn't run, the windows were busted and it had 999,999 miles on it. Still, Johnson messaged the owner and bought the car.

Credit: Mike Johnson
The 'Burger Mobile' from the movie "Good Burger" has a new home.

He had it brought to St. Louis on a trailer and sent it to Affton Auto Solutions for a full restoration. It was a labor of love, and Johnson had to even buy another car of the same make and model to harvest parts. But everything that matters is still original, he said. 

The work was finished in December. Now sitting proudly inside Hi-Pointe, the car looks good as new. It's drivable, too, though they're keeping it inside only right now due to the weather. 

The car has drawn interest across the world from fans of the movie, Johnson said.

"It's actually been pretty busy. Just (Wednesday) alone I think 20% of the customers just came here to look at it."

Credit: KSDK


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