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Meet the event planner behind fairytale date nights in St. Louis

She’ll help you pick the perfect location for your date night.

ST. LOUIS — Being an event planner during a pandemic hasn't been a walk in the park.

Ashley Turigliatto said, “Event planning is really difficult in 2020. So we sort of had to just switch it up, make it, make it something that we could do.”

Turigliatto, owner of Crafted Events, came up with something else to plan. And this event doesn't involve lots of people: date nights.

“And it actually started with me, creating a glamp out in my backyard for me and my partner here. We're just so bored and getting so stagnant seeing the same scenery and we also own all of this decor and supplies that just live in our basement. So I brought it all out in the backyard and created this big picnic setup. It was really romantic really beautiful and we just realized that this is something we could do for other people,” she said.

She’ll help you pick the perfect location for your date night.

She said, “We have actually now become professional hikers of Forest Park. So we're finding all of the hidden secret gems and Forest Park and we would pick a spot for you that we thought you would like. We would set it up and make it so fancy and super, super comfortable. That's something that we're also really dedicated to is making sure that when you're sitting on the ground, you're actually comfortable. So we're bringing in pillows and we're bringing in rugs and succeeding bringing in candles. We're bringing everything that's going to set the tone for a really special experience for you and whoever your date is whether that be your best friend or your partner, it could be anyone.”

Date nights start at $200 for the service. For an additional price, she'll pick up food and beverages.

“We've done probably 10 so far. And that has been in 2 weeks. So this is we think we've hit something here. We have people signing up and we have dates already booked through October,” she said.

Let Crafted Events turn your typical date night into something out of a fairy tale.

For more information, visit the Crafted Events website and Facebook page

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